Better website means more business

If you're going to do something, do it right

Like a lot of things, website creation has been commoditized, automated, packaged and bundled for your convenience but for the sake of faster, cheaper, easier; have we forsaken usefulness, substance and value?

At Shraddha IT Solutions, we believe in doing the job right because a business website is an important thing, not a cheap disposable commodity.

The business website exists to represent something longer-lasting: the company. It represents the reason to believe in the company, its uniqueness and everything that makes the company great. This isn't a throwaway, this is something that will (hopefully) endure.

Because opportunities seldom knock twice

When you look at the stunning websites of great companies like Apple, American Express or GE, you probably don't think to yourself “Geez, why did they go to all that bother?” In many ways its obvious.

A better website leads to better understanding which leads to people thinking - “now, that's a great company. I like what they are doing” or “oh, that's so cool, I would love to have one of those”, or “hmm, this is interesting, I think these are the guys for the job.”

A better website will easily convince people that you're a professional company that can solve their needs.

People use websites for many reasons and each reason is a golden opportunity to convince, so don't waste it!

And that's why you need a business-grade solution

The Situation
Your business is not the quite same as the next business
The internet is important enough in to give it a proper chance
You have plans to grow your business
You don't have the time or money to get it wrong

The Solution

You need work with a company that can help you discover the best ways of differentiating you online.

You need a company that is willing to take the time to show you how to take advantage of it.

You need a company that can support you in that growth (not hinder it)

Don't gamble on companies without a good website of their own or that are geared towards making a fast buck.

David and Goliath

Making better affordable

The big boys (Apple, Fedex, Starbucks) already have a fine selection of high-end design agencies to choose from (Razorfish, AKQA, Sapient) but what about the rest of us?

The fact of the matter is, building a better website requires a fair bit of brain work making the cost prohibitively high for most companies but there are ways to build a better website efficiently thus reducing the price to an affordable level. Shraddha IT Solutions is streamlined to this goal.

Our top strategies are: high levels of client collaboration, flexible pricing structure and a philosophy of simple design and simple technology. Being located in the Pune helps too.

How is Shraddha IT Solutions different?

The Shraddha IT Solutions company is built differently to the average design company. After all, you can’t make a better website without better thinking, better service and better people. We’re different in a number of ways:

Most Web Design Companies Shraddha IT Solutions
What you get
A pretty website
A business solution
Main Purpose
Give people information about the business or individual
Increase sales, brand identity and reduce cost of doing business.
Ideal Clients
Small shop, like florists, musical instruments, small shops, individuals who need a portfolio
Small to medium sized businesses, dealing with other businesses (B2B) or large business to consumer operations.
Level of Service
No sales after service
1 year's free service
People Working On Your Project
Client Relationship
Price low, build fast, make many, charge extra for everything else later. Forget about the client once built.
Long term strategic relationship, project management, customer account management, guidance and partnership.
Charge each and every request
1 year's free of minor issues
Skills in Employees
Design and computing grads who are pressured to build quick and efficiently. They get no business training.
UI experts, information architects, business graduates, project managers, web producers, marketing experts, programmers, creative directors, copywriters.
Build Process
Listen to needs, build, deploy.
Listen to needs, consult, propose solution, competitive analysis, design, revise, build, quality assurance, maintain and improve.
They usually use 3rd party free software (Wordpress) Good for building quick sites by less-skilled workers. However, templated sites can look unbalanced and they are very hard to modify.
Shraddha IT Solutions websites have a technology infrastructure that puts our websites years ahead of our competitors. Due to this, our websites get built to a much higher standard.
1 year's guidance and training
Sometimes included. Cost of hosting is usually bumped up and done on the cheap.
We set it up for you with a hosting company of your choosing. It's in your name. You pay for it, so it's in your control.
Usually Wordpress plugins or Magento. Loads of functions you won't need and will find hard to maintain. A generic shopping experience.
Totally customized shopping experience, Shraddha IT Solutions gives you simple tools you need and nothing more, so it's very easy to use and adapt to your specific business situation

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